Practice Locations in Ojai

Being Peace of Ojai

Continuing the practice established by Being Peace Zendo (2007-2013), Being Peace of Ojai was created in January 2014 with a move to a new location. Surrounded by orange orchards and on 1.7-acres, this home-based practice center provides a small meditation hall for practitioners to sit and practice together and outdoor space for walking and enjoying nature. We are located near Grand and Gridley in the Ojai Valley. Our format of practice will be based on those practices used at Deer Park Monastery and Plum Village. The practices may change from time to time, but generally will include sitting, walking, chanting, touching the earth, dharma talks, dharma discussion, and other ceremonies. We will use the Plum Village Chanting Book, and other related literature, to guide our reading selection. Though there are many ways to practice Buddhism and meditation, we have chosen Thich Nhat Hanh as our guide and teacher. Leading the practice will be individuals who have been trained in this tradition. With this as our foundation, exploring the dharma together can still take other forms in our effort to form a community that lives in harmony and awareness. Please contact Kenley Neufeld at 805-252-2448 (text or call) for more information and exact address.